Create your own club web site - this has to go in!

In the age of digitalization, you simply have to be represented on the Internet - have you also heard such and similar sentences many times? If you are thinking about your own club homepage, you are already giving it a lot of thought:

  • Who should put it online?

  • What does a club homepage need legally?

  • How should you create it without programming knowledge?

  • How much does it cost?

  • Do we really need a club homepage and if yes: What for at all?

We will answer the most important questions and show you how you can easily create your own club homepage without any programming knowledge.

Why do you need a club website?

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Such an club website can fulfill quite different purposes:

  • Information for club members: Clubs can inform their members about news via the club homepage: When are events taking place? Are there updates to existing dates, rescheduling, do you still need help? Is there an upcoming club event? What was discussed at the last club meeting? Have offices been distributed? Have donations been received?

    The more active your association is, the more there is to report and you can make this known wonderfully via the website. This way you enter the information centrally and everyone can read it.

    Another benefit of this feature - search engines love up-to-date pages and sharing info shows search engines that your website is active. This results in your site ranking better in search results and users becoming aware of it more easily.

  • Become better known: Do your neighbors and immediate community know you exist and exactly what you do? Especially nowadays it is important to have your own website, which you can draw attention to and which informs potential new members. In addition, you can show what your association is about and what you stand for.

  • Find members: Almost everyone now searches for information on the Internet. Therefore, it is very important to establish a quality web presence. Both in the form of social media channels, as well as a website. By having a professional, active website, you will show up higher in search results and be able to reach potential members directly without any additional effort.

  • Find sponsors: Associations thrive on volunteerism and donations. Nowadays you can easily find sponsors online - you should also create your club homepage for this purpose. This way you can not only collect money, but also equipment and build up a network of contacts. Without a website, clubs look much less professional and sponsors are more likely to help another club.

Which clubs need a website?

Sports club

Handball, soccer, volleyball or gymnastics - with a club homepage you can inform your fans about tournaments, events and successes. Of course, you can also easily integrate a store and provide fans with fan merchandise.

In addition, especially young people, who mainly search for new clubs on the Internet, will become aware of you through a club homepage.

Animal Welfare Society

Show people what is important to you in the club and what values you stand for. Also report about your club life and which actions etc. you offer and have already completed.

With a website you can do this easily and uncomplicated. Through an online presence you will reach new members as well as potential sponsors.

Nonprofit association

You are doing everything you can to make the world a better place through your activities. The more who join in, the better, right?

With a website for a nonprofit, you can quickly reach supporters.

Music club

You sing and make music and sometimes you just need more people who are interested and want to actively participate. With a homepage you will be found by your interested parties. Also informs about performance dates and reports from past events.

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How to create a club homepage by yourself?

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There are a lot of things to consider when creating a website, but if there's one thing you certainly don't need, it's programming knowledge. With us, the website creation works quite simply via a homepage construction kit. Your biggest advantage: You can create a professional club homepage easily and in record time. And that's not all:

  • You don't have to program: With our homepage builder you don't have to write a single line of code to create your website.

  • You will be found in search engines: Through your website, potential members can find you through search engines like Google. Our templates are also optimized for search engines by professionals. So we give you the best possible chances to be found by Google etc. and to be displayed high up in the search results.

  • Design changes at the push of a button: How your website should look, we leave entirely to you. You get great design templates, which you can then customize to your needs. This way, the club homepage is created and online with just a few clicks.

  • You are ready for social media: Especially if you want to appeal to younger people with your homepage, you need to be present on social media. With our homepage builder, you can easily link your social media channels to your website and be found everywhere.

  • Ready for all devices: Your homepage is always optimally displayed on all devices, whether laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. This is called Responsive Design and is always automatically included.

  • Your website is absolutely secure: You don't have to worry about security gaps with us. Because an SSL certificate and a DSGVO-compliant privacy policy are included in every package.

How long does it take to create a club website?

Without any previous knowledge, you can create your club website and distribute your content on the web in just a few minutes and with a few clicks. And all without programming.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't completely personalize your website. We provide you with numerous tools that make it very easy to customize your homepage down to the smallest detail, just the way you want it.

To learn more about our website builder, click below and take a closer look.