Create your own wedding website easily: Here's how!

You are getting married and the most beautiful day in your life is approaching? Congratulations! What an exciting time. We know you want to make this special day as memorable as possible. But we also know: you have a thousand important things on your mind right now that you definitely don't want to forget. If you're just thinking about how to bundle the info and details of your wedding in a clear and appealing way, creating a wedding website is a great way to go. Don't worry, you don't have to be a computer expert to pull this off. We'll do the work for your wedding website - you just add your personal stuff. In this article, we'll show you how to easily create a beautiful and romantic wedding website that will make your life easier and that will be an incredibly beautiful memory after your celebration.

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Wedding homepage design and layout

The design of your wedding website should match the style and colors of your wedding. As for the navigation: keep it short and simple - your guests should find what they are looking for as easily as possible. Our homepage builder takes a lot of work off your shoulders - design your website individually with our templates.

Wedding domain and hosting

Now let's get technical for a moment: choose a domain name that on the one hand reflects you as a couple, for example your names and/or the wedding date. Most importantly, the domain should be easy to remember and easy to find.

You would like to have your own wedding website? Then start now!

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Facilitate guest management for your wedding

Your wedding website can save you a lot of work. Allow your guests to RSVP on their own page. This is also a good opportunity to collect a specific diet or allergies. With an appropriate tool you always keep track of acceptances and cancellations. Automatically remind your guests to RSVP. With some guests you can even save the wedding invitations this way and after the wedding you can easily deactivate the tool.

Wedding program and schedule

You can easily set the program of your wedding and the course of the celebration. Create a page with the order of the ceremony, the planned speeches, games and everything else that is planned. This will not only increase the anticipation - you will also have a good memory of this wonderful day later.

Parts information about the bride and groom and the wedding party

Your wedding homepage is a great opportunity to personally introduce the bride and groom and important people in the wedding party. You can do this easily via short biographies, photos and fun facts about the two of you and the groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower children and any other important people from the wedding party. This automatically creates a personal atmosphere. Guests who don't know everyone involved will also feel picked up right away.

Start now with your own wedding homepage!

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The photo gallery and a wedding hashtag

Everyone loves to reminisce about their wedding, right? Then why not add a photo gallery to your wedding website. This way you can capture memories of your wedding and even share them with your guests. Don't forget to share some pictures of the preparations as well. That way, everyone can follow along.

A shared wedding hashtag is a great way to collect pictures and moments on social media - that way you can easily look at them later.

Your guests want to upload photos, too? Then remember password protection - private pictures should stay private.

Above all, this way you will have a memory of your wedding in the long run.

More ideas for your homepage

With us you have it very easy to create your homepage with a few clicks. And what you don't need after the ceremony, you can change just as easily.

Possible ideas for your wedding homepage:

FAQ on the wedding website with travel, accommodation and co.

Request music wishes - easier planning for your DJ

Wish list and wedding favors - a real online wedding table

With such a wedding homepage you will remember your big day forever, when you look at the photos together or show them once to your children. This will keep the memories alive, and the best part is that you can create your wedding homepage in no time with our website builder.

Music requests for the wedding ceremony and wedding playlist

Hardly anything is remembered as well as well-designed music that suits the occasion and the guests. On your homepage, you can request music before the wedding and then record your joint playlist. As you can see, your website can not only be an active part of your wedding planning, but also remains a beautiful reminder of your beautiful day after its creation, where you can view wedding photos and more.

How can you create your wedding website?

Weddings are an exciting thing. With all the wedding planning, we're sure you barely have a head for acquiring any programming skills. We promised you: With our homepage builder you don't need to. In just a few steps your website is created and you will have a beautiful digital memory forever through the picture galleries and the many other beautiful contents on the homepage.

Your advantages with our homepage construction kit:

Security even in a private setting: An SSL certificate and DSGVO-compliant privacy policy are already on board with the smallest package for your wedding homepage. So your wedding guests can surf safely on your wedding website. But don't worry - we'll take care of that.

Easy social media linking: If you like to link your wedding homepage with Facebook and co, nothing is easier than that. This way you can share your wedding day with far away friends who might not be able to come.

Designs according to your taste: Your wedding homepage should reflect you and give your guests a first impression of your special day. You can do this easily with just a few clicks.

We hope we could show you with these tips that such a wedding homepage is a great thing and how easy you can realize it with us as a provider. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you.