Hairdresser website easy to create yourself: Here's how!

Welcome to the digital age, where an attractive and well-designed website for your hair salon is the key. In this article, we'll show you how to easily create a successful hair salon website that will delight your customers and boost your hair salon's marketing. Let's go!

The target group analysis for the conception

Before you get down to the business of launching your hair salon website, you should conduct a target group analysis. Which customer groups do you want to address with your salon and which services do you offer? You can use this as a basis for your website concept.

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The design of your hairdresser website

Your hairdresser homepage should be appealing to customers and professional at the same time. Responsive design in our homepage builder ensures that your template and thus your website is readable on all devices and platforms.

The template should match your hair salon. Make sure you use high-quality images to which you also have the rights.

What content should you publish on your website?

Your website should have a clear structure and meaningful content. Everything that could be relevant for your existing and future customers must be recognizable at first glance.

The following structure has proven successful for hair salon websites:

  • Home page: it should contain all the basic information about your salon, your team and your services. This section should invite you to stay on the website and make your customers curious.

  • About us: What is the history of your salon? Also introduce yourself and your team in detail here. What experience do you have and what qualifications have you acquired? Why are you the best for your clients?

  • Services: Describe the services you offer and the associated prices. Also post a downloadable price list.

  • Appointments: Make sure to include an appointment tool that makes it easy for your customers to schedule appointments directly with the services and with the employee of their choice. Make sure that your appointment schedule updates automatically. This way your hairdresser homepage can save you a lot of work.

  • Gallery: A picture is worth a thousand words. Show pictures of your work. This makes it easy for potential customers to get an idea of your style and skills.

  • Blog and news: Report on current trends, tips and tricks about hair and hairstyles. This is an easy way to show your expertise and keep your clients loyal to your salon for the long term.

  • Contact: Make it as easy as possible for your customers to contact you. Different contact options such as phone, email or contact form are a good combination. Also post the address of your salon and your opening hours here.

You want to get started right away? Then start here with your hairdresser homepage.

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What content is best for your blog?

A blog for your hair salon offers you the opportunity to show your expertise, pick up on current trends and retain your customers in the long term. Your blog should therefore be an important part of your hair salon website.

  1. Trend hairstyles: Report regularly on the latest trend hairstyles and give styling tips on how to implement this look yourself at home. You can focus on the current season or special occasions, such as weddings, graduations or festive events.

  2. Hair Care Tips: Share your expertise on proper hair care by giving advice on shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and other products. You can also explain how to treat specific hair problems like split ends, hair loss or dry scalp.

  3. Styling tutorials: Create detailed step-by-step tutorials for different hairstyles, from simple everyday looks to more elaborate updos. Support the tutorials with pictures or videos to make it easy for your customers to style their hair.

  4. Color trends: Educate your clients on the latest color trends and techniques, such as balayage, ombré or pastels. Explain how to apply these color trends to different hair types and lengths and what care they require. You can use this to inspire your clients and bring them into your hair salon.

  5. Product introductions: Introduce hair care and styling products that you use or recommend in your salon. Explain the special features of the products and which hair types they are particularly suitable for.

  6. Interviews with stylists: Give your team the opportunity to be featured on your blog. Conduct interviews with your stylists where they talk about their experiences, specialties and favorite looks.

  7. Client transformations: Show before and after pictures of stunning client transformations to demonstrate what's possible with you as a hairstylist. Describe what techniques and products were used to achieve the desired result.

  8. Industry events: report on important events and trade shows in the hairdressing industry. Share your impressions and insights and introduce interesting new products and trends.

  9. Sustainability in the salon: Show your clients that environmental awareness and sustainability are important to you. Report on eco-friendly products and practices you use in your salon and give tips on how they can be more sustainable with their hair at home.

Social media for your hair salon website

Link your online presence directly to social networks. You can build a large reach and customer loyalty. Publish exciting content regularly and interact with your followers as well. Social media plugins allow your visitors to share content from your website.

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What is legally important for your hairdresser homepage?

An imprint is mandatory, as is a privacy policy that complies with the GDPR. This way, you comply with all legal requirements and don't risk any warnings. But don't worry, you don't have to worry about all that - we'll take care of it for you.

Are you going to have a lot of work with your hair salon homepage?

In fact, a professionally designed website can even save you work. Keep it up to date once a month and publish new content about your hair salon. This way you show not only the search engines, but also your visitors that you are always up to date. With our homepage construction kit you don't need any programming knowledge and the time effort is also kept within limits.onell designed website even take away work. Keep it updated once a month and publish new content about your hair salon. This way you show not only the search engines, but also your visitors that you are always up to date. With our homepage construction kit you don't need any programming knowledge and the time effort is also kept within limits.

What advantages do you have with a hairdresser website with us?

It is not only the intuitive creation of your website. With us you create your hairdresser website with many advantages:

  • optimized for search engines

  • Responsive web design at the push of a button

  • Social media directly connected

  • integrated security thanks to SSL certificate

Do you have any questions?

We hope we could show you how easy it is if you want to create your own hairdresser website. But if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.