How to find the perfect domain name

Looking for the perfect domain name for your project, blog or business? We have the 10 best tips for you to find the ideal domain name that is both appealing and memorable.

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Brainstorming - the creative start to your journey

Grab a pen and paper or alternatively open a word processor and let the ideas bubble. There are no limits to your creativity in this step. Just write down all the terms, keywords and ideas that come to mind in your search and that are related to your project or company. Play with the words and stay open for everything. It's okay to create a long list, because you might just discover the perfect domain name.

If you feel that you are not getting anywhere, you can use a generator to help you. There you can enter a few keywords and the generator will bring you suggestions, with which you can then continue to work.

Shorter is better

You want to make your domain name known, and short, concise names are much better for that. They are easier to remember and communicate. Try to limit your name to 15 to 20 characters. Of course, the name should not be too short, because otherwise it has no meaning anymore. Sometimes it is simply necessary to use one or two words for the right message.

Avoid unnecessary complications in the domain name

Especially numbers in the domain name can be confusing and complicate the spelling of your domain. Sometimes they even look dubious. If possible, avoid numbers in your domain name and focus on plain text domain names that are easy to type and remember.

Focus on your target group

For this point, put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and think about what words or terms might appeal to them. A good domain name will let you know at first glance what visitors can expect to find on your site. If your project is intended to appeal more to a local audience, it may make sense to include a place name or regional terms.

For international projects, the domain name should be more generic and easy to understand for everyone. In this case, also check if the chosen word or word combination makes sense in the language of your target country or if it could cause confusion.

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Use relevant keywords

Keywords are important terms for your SEO, and they indicate what your website is about. If it makes sense, include one or two relevant keywords in your domain name. On the one hand, this can improve the findability of your homepage in search engines like Google and Co. and on the other hand, it can meet the expectations of your visitors. For your personal website, your name should definitely be included.

Check the availability of your choice

If you think you have found the ideal domain name, you should check if it is still available. For this purpose, there are domain check tools that will find out for you if the name is already taken. If it is, just play with the different word combinations. Who knows, you might even find a better combination.

Note legal aspects

Your domain name must not violate any trademark or name rights, otherwise it can lead to legal problems and even become really expensive. Use online databases such as DPMAregister in Germany or the USPTO database in the USA, which ensure that your chosen domain name does not infringe any existing trademark. Especially for companies, there are also specialized lawyers who will check the desired domain and also search for you in international registers. Here it can be useful to get expert help.

The right domain extension

Last but not least, you should choose the right top-level domain (TLD) for a good domain name. This depends on the one hand on your target region and on the other hand on the purpose of your website. If it should be an international, commercially oriented website, .com is the right choice. If you want to focus on a local market or want to make clear with your domain name where your company or project comes from, domain extensions like .de or are more clever.

The .org domain extension is associated by many with non-profit organizations, but of course you can use it for other purposes or organizations as well. When choosing your domain name you should focus on a top level domain and in Germany a de domain is always a good idea because it gives your website respectability. Maybe your target audience is located in another country and then you can also choose a foreign domain extension.

You can also buy a domain

If the perfect domain for you is already registered but not actively used, you can try to buy it from the current owner. For this purpose, there are dedicated marketplaces that offer the sale of domain names. Before you decide, you should realistically estimate the actual value of the domain name, because sometimes the names are for sale at unrealistically high prices.

Direct your gaze into the future

When you think about your domain name, you should be proactive: In which direction could your project or your company still develop? If in doubt, make the name a bit broader to leave room for growth and change. Names that are too narrow can limit you in terms of content.

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Expand your project

As your business or website grows to include another business idea, it may make sense for the domain name to reflect these sub-groupings. A second level domain or a third level domain define the sub-addresses of your domain name. This way you can give additional structure to your website.

Find your domain name easily

In conclusion, finding the perfect name for your domain can be a bit of a challenge, but it's also an exciting adventure on the road to online success. With the tips presented here, you have a solid foundation to find a suitable, memorable and future-proof name.

Don't let small hurdles throw you off track and view the search as a creative process in which you get to know not only your domain, but also yourself and your project better. Now all that's left to do is: hit the keys and have fun searching for your very own domain miracle.

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