Create model website by yourself: Here's how!

As a model, a strong online presence is essential for you. You have several options for this:

  • Agency website: Model agencies usually offer portfolio websites for their models. There, potential clients can find out more about you and then book you through the agency.

  • Social Media: You should definitely be active on image-intensive social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. There, you not only increase your profile through followers, but can also give an insight into your everyday life. Interested parties can also contact you here, and this is how orders come about.

  • Your own model homepage: This solution is the ideal way. Because as a model, you not only have full control over which pictures you publish. You can also post targeted articles, customers can contact you and you look very professional at first glance.

You would like to get started right away? Then start here with your model homepage:

Your own model website?

On the one hand, you see the point of a website because you feel you can sustainably increase your reach and awareness.

On the other hand, you fear the effort and still have some questions:

  • How much work will you have with your model homepage?

  • What kind of content belongs on model websites?

  • Are there any legal pitfalls for your own website?

  • What programming skills do you need?

Inside you already see yourself studying SEO tools, learning programming and acquiring extensive IT knowledge so that you can create your own website.

illustration drei model stehen auf einem laufsteg mit scheinwerfern

How should you design your model homepage?

You know it from your job as a model: First of all, it's all about looks. But then you should also score with inner values. It's the same with your website.

  • Pictures: Show your portfolio with current pictures. Hardly anything scores more with your target group than examples of your work. Remember to store the images in 2 resolutions - first the small resolution, which is displayed as a preview. With one click the interested person can view the larger version. This way you optimize your loading times.

  • References: Who have you already worked for? Show photos of them, so that your prospects can see how you work.

  • About me: Your website is a great place to introduce yourself. Tell them about your career, perhaps in the form of a brief outline of your resume. You may think that modeling is all about your looks. But a sustainable modeling career is built on good contacts. These come about through sympathy and a pleasant atmosphere between you and your customers.

  • Contact and imprint: What is a small, legal must on many websites, is a central point for your internet presence. Bookers and agencies can use it to contact you. Be sure to link your social media channels here, so that a complete picture of your model portfolio emerges.

  • The imprint is mandatory for websites, because it is part of the general duty to provide information. Make sure that not only all the information is in it, but also that the correct order is followed.

  • Menu: To make it as easy as possible for your readers to find their way around your website, you should include a menu at the top.

What else fits on your website?

In addition to this classic content, you can of course also present specific projects that you are particularly proud of as a model. It's your own homepage and as long as you have the rights to the images, you can easily insert them. Everything that could be relevant in the context of your activity of a model fits on your website, because it increases the impression you leave and that makes you more exciting for prospective customers.

You already know exactly what you want to present on your homepage? Then get started right now!

How much work will your own website do?

Creating a website once is the first step. Then it's "keep at it". You should update your website regularly. Especially models find it very easy to post something on their website after creating it. Either you create new pages or you expand your portfolio.

Alternatively, you can create a blog and add it to your website. On it you can post sometimes short, sometimes long blog articles. Give short insights, but also describe things like possible collaborations, how much lead time there is for a job, and how far you travel.

Once a month you can take as a guideline to do something on your website. This is how you communicate to search engines like Google and the like that your website is up to date. It is the easiest way to do marketing and increases your reach enormously.

drei model gestalten an einem großen monitor eine website

What technology do you need to create your own website?

You're blown away and want to get started right away. But wait: there's still the technology. The good news is: you don't have to know how to program or master complex IT. We specialize in making it as easy as possible for you to have your own homepage. This way you can build your own homepage by drag and drop. Homepage kits are the future for your website.

Start creating your homepage now with just a few clicks!

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What are your biggest advantages with a homepage builder?

If you build your website with our homepage builder, you will not only create your homepage very fast. You have these other advantages:

  • Search engines will find you: Our technology ensures that your website is quickly picked up by Google and Co. This makes it easy for your prospects to contact you.

  • You choose your own design: Our homepage construction kit includes many designs and templates that make your creative work even easier. It is also easy to change the look of your website.

  • Link social networks intuitively: You work in a creative industry that is very visual. So it's important that you link your website to modern media.

  • You show up up-to-date: Responsive design means that your website looks equally good on all platforms and devices. This feature is of course on board with our website builder. You don't have to program anything more than once.

  • You are safe with us: Even our smallest package offers you an SSL certificate and, of course, you have direct access to a DSGVO-compliant privacy policy.

You are ready? Photos, videos and texts are ready? Then you can have your first model homepage in just 2 minutes.

Do you have any questions?

We're sure you'll be thrilled with how easy it is to create your homepage with our technology and tips. If you are still unclear about something, just contact us. We are looking forward to you.

Ready to start your own website?