Create your own DJ website: This must go in!

Music is your life and as a DJ you want to be at your turntables spinning music as often as possible.... To achieve this, you have several options in the age of the Internet:

  • DJ Portals: You can get your customers through portals. There you can fill out your profile with given data and the customers can compare you with other DJs.

  • Social media: Especially younger audience you can reach well through social networks. Here you have the opportunity to post pictures and videos of your performances and give an impression of the atmosphere on site.

  • Your own DJ website: Through this option, you have the most control over the content people find about you on the Internet. You can target gigs or you can post a portfolio of yourself. Potential clients can contact you and fans can find out about you.

Does this excite you and would you like to get started right away? Then we are looking forward to you with your DJ homepage.

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A homepage for you as a DJ?

Being a DJ is more than just a job. It's a calling. You've heard so much about having a website as a DJ now, and you're convinced that having your own website is the future for you as a DJ? But the more you think about it, the more questions arise in your mind:

  • Does such a website make more work or can it even take work away from you?

  • What do your visitors want to read on your homepage?

  • What are the legal requirements for such a website?

  • Do you need programming skills for your website?

Can you create your website yourself or do you need a web designer for your online presence? The job of a DJ in your eyes is to make music, to accompany weddings and all kinds of events. Now you're supposed to put your creativity into a website?

How much work will you have with your own website?

The first step is to create your website. You have to think about what content, i.e. pictures, videos and texts, you want to put on your DJ homepage. After you have gathered this and the website has been published on the Internet, you only have to keep your website up to date. But as a DJ you have new events every now and then anyway, which you can announce on the one hand and process afterwards on the other hand. You can do this with a news page or a weblog. Once a month websites need your attention. Otherwise, without having to pay a promoter, it increases your visibility.

And then the website can also take work from you, because through your online presence it is possible that you filter your visitors. Because someone who wants to accompany an oldie event with music will not book you as a techno DJ and vice versa.

You want your homepage to work for you? Then get started now with your first own website.

What content makes your website a success?

Besides a good design, you need the right content on your website:

You should show and tell, preferably even through the appropriate design, which genre, which music style you offer. Do you specialize in oldies, techno, pop or dance music? Do you have your own songs?

The next point for your DJ website is: what is your cooperation like? Do you like to work with an agency, especially for bigger events? Who organizes the technology for you? What do you bring yourself? Which technology do you work with?

What special features do you have? For example, do you only work with vinyl or also with CD or streaming? Do you also offer karaoke? Can your guests spontaneously express music wishes, which you then implement? After your performance, is there also the option to get a CD with the played hits as a souvenir? This is always in demand and popular, especially at weddings with the getting-to-know-you song and the first waltz that the couple danced as husband and wife. This also belongs on a good DJ homepage.

Introduce yourself as a person: What makes you as a DJ? How long have you been working with music? If you have your own songs that have already been a success, you should show them here.

Show your references: Be as broad as possible here. Insights into weddings, parties and possibly larger events - best with pictures that illustrate the good mood on site.

Publish also your prices and that best very detailed. Are there any packages? What are the costs for an overnight stay? Who pays for it or is it included in a package? In which radius do you work and what are the costs (time and travel)?

A calendar allows your clients to see which dates you are available. For larger events you can put a link directly and otherwise the busy date can simply be marked in red. This information is important not only for potential customers, but also for your fans. If someone likes the music of a certain DJ very much, he will want to visit events where the DJ is performing. This way you can also pre-filter useless requests for busy dates.

That convinces you and you want to start with your own DJ website right away?

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What should you consider legally?

Adhere to the legal requirements: A valid imprint must be on your homepage and also the privacy policy. If you run an online store, you need terms and conditions and a cancellation policy. Also remember to check the cookies.

What are your advantages with a homepage from us?

Our homepage construction kit is not only suitable for the intuitive creation of a homepage. You have even more advantages:

Ready for the search engine: our technology allows you to easily get your DJ homepage into the search engines. So fans and customers can find you quickly without you having to become an SEO professional.

Top templates for your design: In our homepage builder you can create your template with just a few clicks. If you want to change the look later, you dial into the construction kit and with a few clicks everything is done. It goes without saying that all our templates are responsive, i.e. they look equally good on all devices.

Social media for your success: No matter if you are still a beginner or have been in business for a while - via social media you can reach your audience very easily and you can combine different content like videos, images and texts. We make sure that your website is easily linked to the latest networks like Facebook and Co.

Play it safe: Don't worry about things like a DSGVO-compliant data declaration and an SSL certificate. All this is already included in our smallest package and nothing stands in the way of your success.

Do you have any questions?

We hope we could inspire you with our tips for the advantages of our construction kit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or get started right away. We are looking forward to you.

Ready to start your own website?