Create your own craftsman website - Here's how!

As a craftsman, you work with your hands. As a rule, you have very little to do with technology. The last few months have shown more than ever that craftsmanship has a golden bottom. You often have trouble keeping up with all the work. And then you suddenly hear that you need your own crafts website. But doesn't the creation of such a website take an incredible amount of work?

In your mind's eye you suddenly see technical manuals and how you sit in front of them and learn programming for the creation of your site. Do you really need your own homepage as a craftsman? Or is such a craftsman website just another construction site, but this time in the technical area? Then you might have heard about SEO and that a simple website is not enough. You also have to do search engine optimization, otherwise you will be lost among the many craftsmen websites. Then you can save it directly.

Besides you ask yourself:

  • Does a craftsman website make a lot of work or does it save you work?

  • Which contents belong on your homepage for craftsmen?

  • Are there any legal requirements that you have to comply with on your craftsmen's homepage?

  • What are the costs for a website for craftsmen?

  • What technical requirements do you need for your craftsman homepage?

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Does your craft business need a website - what content belongs on it?

Most craft businesses currently have full order books. In this respect, the question arises as to the purpose of such websites. You may not necessarily need new customers. But such a website can also bring other benefits, especially in the trade.

Your customers often only know the standard services. They call you when something is broken, when they have a craft emergency that they can't fix themselves, or when they want to make a plannable extension, design an extension or have something modernized. Then they need more than just a helping hand, and it's not uncommon for that helping hand to be you.

Your customers may not even know that you offer very modern solutions in addition to the usual standard they still know from their parents and grandparents. You can inform them about this on your homepage. Show them the latest materials and modern design options. No one wants to read about the machines you use on the Internet or search for them on pages for construction machinery. But if your company has a unique selling point in the area, if you have completed special training and have kept up to date with all the rules of the trade, then such information belongs on your homepage.

Are you proud of individual projects, do you offer a fixed price or a complete package for individual services? Craftsmen like your company should also present this on their website.

You have already collected some recommendations? Then of course they belong on your own website.

Are you enthusiastic and want to get started right away? Then start now with your own website!

How often do you need to work on your website?

Don't worry - it's not as often as you might think at first. Once set up, your website usually needs your attention only once a month. Then you can announce new actions, publish new content or simply show individual aspects of the work in your company.

For this you can install a blog or set up a news section. With a content management system you can easily keep these content types apart and follow the logic that is common on the Internet.

What about the legal aspects of your website?

You should make it easy for your customers to contact you. For this purpose, there is the imprint, which is also mandatory. To comply with the rules of the DSGVO (Data Protection Regulation), a privacy policy is mandatory. But we'll come back to that later.

You are ready for the internet? Then start now with your own website!

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Do you need technical know how to create your web presence?

You already know what content you want to present. But then you think about how websites are actually created. Don't worry - you don't need programming skills or special codes for your personal website. We have an intuitive homepage builder that will have your craftsman website up and running in no time. In fact, it only takes two minutes and your homepage is online.

What advantages do you have with our homepage builder?

Not only that your website is online quickly. Take advantage of these other benefits:

  • Search engines will find you: We provide the technical background that ensures that search engines like Google and Co. will find you easily. On the one hand, there are the appropriate domain extensions and on the other hand, the appropriate codes that make you easy to find for customers.

  • Customized design: We provide you with many ready-made design templates. So you can create your homepage not only in no time. As soon as you want to customize something, you can do a few clicks and your website is visually adjusted.

  • Social media: Especially your young customers inform themselves in the social networks. With our technology, you can easily link your homepage to them and you will have massively increased your reach.

  • One design - many platforms: Your customers visit you on different devices and thanks to our technology (keyword Responsive Design) your website looks equally good on all platforms.

  • Safety first: Even our smallest package includes the SSL certificate and a DSGVO-compliant privacy policy. This way you fulfill all legal and security aspects that websites are subject to nowadays.

Are you ready?

You've seen all the benefits of having your own website and want to go straight to creating your own handyman website? That's great. Then your next step is to choose one of our packages and collect images, maybe even videos and texts that you want to present on your website. Be sure to check the usage rights and get started. In just 2 minutes you can present yourself on the Internet with our tips.

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Do you have any questions?

We create all kinds of websites every day. Now we hope we could take away your fear of your own website with this article. But if you still have questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course we have one or the other tip for you up our sleeve. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Ready to start your own website?