The 11 best website ideas - Start right now!

You want to create your own website, but you're lacking the sparkling ideas? In this article, we've compiled a list of interesting and inspiring website topics that can help you unleash your creative potential and get your successful online project off the ground. We always give you a few examples as well:

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Create a personal blog where you share your thoughts, experiences and tips on your favorite topics.

  • Travel blog : Share your travel experiences, tips and tricks for different destinations.

  • Fashion blog: Showcase the latest fashion trends and give advice on styling and accessories.

  • Foodblog : Show off your favorite recipes, kitchen tricks and restaurant reviews.

  • Fitness and health blog: Give advice on workouts, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

For a blog, all topics that you yourself are really interested in are suitable, because then you can also write about them in a gripping way and the possible contribution topics will not run out so quickly.


E-commerce is a huge market, and there are many ways to sell products online through online stores. There are always new ideas on how you can make money online:

  • Handmade products: Sell your own handmade goods such as jewelry, art or decorative items.

  • Vintage Shop: Offer unique vintage clothing, furniture or records.

  • Digital Products: Create and sell e-books, online courses, or photography.

Another option is to bring your existing offline business online. This way you can build a second, secure foothold that makes you independent of your local opening hours.

Corporate Website

A professional website for your business or organization can connect you with potential customers and partners and strengthen your brand. You can showcase your company in all its diversity and share the latest news and career opportunities alongside your products and services.

Service website

Offer your services online and expand your business.

  • Web design: Present your portfolio and attract new customers for your online design services.

  • Online Tutoring: Offer online tutoring in different subjects or languages.

  • Photography: Show your portfolio and offer your photographic services for weddings, portraits or events.

In fact, almost all services are suitable to present their offer on a website on the Internet. This will make it easier for your potential and existing clients to find out about your services, possibly even make appointments and contact you.

Information portal

Create a website that focuses on a specific topic and provides valuable information for visitors. There are no limits to your imagination here.

  • Tech News: Report on the latest developments in the technology industry and present product reviews.

  • Environment and Sustainability Portal: Share information and tips on protecting the environment and living sustainably.

  • Local News: Create an online news portal for your city or region and share information about local events and developments.

You can use a website like this to inform people about any topic that interests you. Nowadays, people like to get information on the Internet and a well-designed information website comes in handy.


Build an online community where people can share and network.

  • Forum: Create a discussion forum on a specific topic or interest group.

  • Social network: Develop a social network for people with common interests, such as photographers, animal lovers, or sports enthusiasts.

  • Online club: Create an online club or association where members can organize events, participate in discussions, or share resources.

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Create a website about your portfolio to showcase your work and achievements and impress potential clients or employers.

  • Artist Portfolio: Showcase your artwork, exhibitions, and artistic accomplishments.

  • Writer Portfolio: Showcase your written works, publications and projects.

  • Architect Portfolio: Showcase your architectural projects, designs, and achievements.

Event website

Organize events and promote them online.

  • Conferences: Create a website for an annual conference or convention and provide information on topics, speakers and registration.

  • Festivals: Promote a music, film or art festival and provide information about the program, artists and ticket sales.

  • Workshops: Offer workshops or seminars on various topics and enable online registration.

There are various platforms that have been around for a long time and are constantly being updated. As you can see, an event platform doesn't have to focus on just one event.

Education platform

Share your knowledge and offer learning resources and materials online. In the field of education, hybrid offerings are also conceivable in addition to purely online formats.

  • Online courses: Create online courses on various topics and offer interactive learning materials, videos and tests.

  • Learning apps: Develop apps for language learning, mathematics or science and offer them on your website. You can also link such apps to your online course and earn extra money.

  • Webinars: Organize webinars on current topics and enable online registration and participation.

Niche website

Focus on a specific niche or interest and create a website around that topic. The more specific the niche, the more likely you are to succeed.

  • Pet Website: Provide information, advice and resources for pet lovers and owners.

  • Gaming website: Create a platform for video game enthusiasts to share news, reviews and tips.

  • Plant and garden website: Share tips and advice on plant care, gardening and landscaping.

It's best to consider a niche that you yourself enjoy, that other people are interested in, and that is neither too big nor too small. A niche that is too big will be hard to promote, and a niche that is too small will attract too few readers.

Review and comparison website

Help your visitors make informed decisions by evaluating and comparing products or services. Focus on a topic that you are comfortable with and have an expertise in.

  • Technology reviews: Evaluate and compare electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

  • Travel comparison site: compare different travel options such as flights, hotels or tours and provide helpful information for travelers.

  • Book and movie reviews: Share your opinion on the latest books and movies and help visitors find good entertainment options.

We hope we could be of real help to you with our website ideas to create your own website.

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